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Rare Vinyl Records for sale

Are you looking for some vinyl records to play on your jukebox or phonograph? I came accross a huge selection of vinyl on the web. I found lots of 45s, records, and vinyl picture discs at I was surfing around looking for rare soul vinyl records when i came across the blues section. Then I was looking for old pop vinyl records and surfed through the pop section. I couldnt believe it, they even had categories for jazz vinyl records, comedy vinyl records, disco and funk vinyl records, dj and dance vinyl records, easy listening vinyl records, folk vinyl records, hard rock vinyl records, heavy metal vinyl records, holiday vinyl records, movie soundtrack vinyl records, musical vinyl records, old rock vinyl records, psychedelic vinyl records, blues vinyl records, rock vinyl records, and world music vinyl records. They definitly had a great selection. I bought several albums there for a pretty good price. I will definity shop there again.


Do you need to know how to market your band on and other social networks. Well, here’s how. You need to use Facebook Friend Adder because it is the easiest way to get fans on Facebook. Social Networks have become quite a big part of the internet as a whole. See the bottom of the article to see all the fan adder programs available for all the major social networks. Traffic to
these sites has increased, and is still increasing, at a exponential rate. There are also more and more social networking sites being created evey day it
seems. It was once just MySpace and FaceBook that were running the show. Now, however, there are many runners up that are striving to be as big as these giants and are growing rapidly. This is what brings me to my next point.

If you are running a business, starting a  business, or a musician needing an audience, these social networks are an excellent way to advertise. All
one needs to do is set up an account. This process is quite easy (even for a novice internet user) . You will need, usually, just a valid email address to get
started. Once you have set up an account, most of the networks will walk you through the process of designing your “page”. Your page is where you will
want to put you business information on (logo, contact, location, etc.) Once you have done that then you will want to start your advertising campaign.

The trick to good advertising on these social networks is aquiring “friends”. Friends are essentially your potential customers. You will want to amass
as many friends as possible so that you can send them messages through the social network. This is where the “FRIEND ADDER PROGRAMS” come in VERY handy. These programs will automate the tasks of amassing friends, sending them messages, and other laborious tasks that take many hours, days, and even weeks to do by hand. The following are the most recommended networks to start your advertising: FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, Youtube (especially if you have marketing videos), Tagged, and Hi5.

Make sure you start finding friends that are in your niche. Most of the friend adder programs have a search button that you can specify a word that pertains to the audience that you want to market to. This is one of the key principals to getting TARGETED traffic to your website, blog, etc. Once you have typed in your keyword, you can submit the word and the program will find user names and user data from profiles to find the right audience of “friends” that you can invite to be friends. This audience is more likely to become friends with you and will utimately be more interested in your product or service. Hope this helps.

Good luck in your social network marketing!

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